Written by Romeo Dellavalle.

Right in the middle of the night
And afraid to fall asleep,
I asked God to grant me a wish:
To let me catch you by surprise!

God told me due to the distance
I would be disguised as the wind
That would remind you again,
In your life of my unique existence,
I will fly to you without wings!

First, I would take off at high speed
To shorten the enormous distance
Then I would turn into a soft breeze
And caress you without resistance!

I will enter your sweet home
Through the semi open window
As you are peacefully asleep!

I will gently explore your body
Then you will notice my presence
After I have invaded your dream!

Romeo Della Valle
(c) All rights reserved-2017
New York City

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Written by Romeo Dellavalle.


Selflessness is sometimes best
But insanity is very contagious
Where friendship disembarks
A whole ship filled with fools!

Better to jump overboard
Than to cast your luck
Among those whom evil spirits
Have already been caught
Swimming in a dirty pool!

I don't care my bay be solitudes
Cast off without fortitude,
The night remains my only friend
When daytime fails to stop my pain
And only music gives me strength!

Wings without feathers
Clearly cease to flap
Lacking impetus-they waxen flat,
It is like my conscience inside
A bottle lost in the sea
Or my life rolled up like
A simple note!

Romeo Della Valle
(c) All rights reserved-2017
New York City

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