The Girl From Boston Road

Written by Romeo Dellavalle.




The night I met you
For the first time,
I felt bewitched
By your beautiful wide-smile
Decorating your angelical face!

Nervous I was, I confess
And my whole world
Turned into confusion
Since I did not had an idea
On how to approach you!

A moment of challenge arrived
And I have to make my move
By inviting you to the dance floor
And finding the courage
To get close to you and being glad
That my offer you did not refuse!

Since that very special encounter,
You became my lover, Goddess
And beautiful Queen and
Bringing joy to my life
Even for a the short time
We spent together
In a reservoir of love!

Things changed with time
And we grew apart,
You found a new lover
And stayed along,
Thinking and dreaming
Just about you!

From a great great lover
Who my Heart stole,
You became my muse
Hiding behind my poems:
"The Girl From Boston Road"!

Romeo Della Valle
(c) All rights reserved-2015
New York City

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Written by Romeo Dellavalle.

To anyone who can dream
And then awaken,
Remembering the impossibility
Of what was only mirrored
In your mind,
During a given night,
Actually happened there!

Dreams arrive not from
The result of hallucinations
But from somewhere else,
A strive vehicles of memory,
Transcribed within the space
Of a plaid network!

The puzzle of Faith, Hope,
Truth, Beauty, Love and Peace
Surrounding the Earth,
Claims of Spirit!

Dreams are tokens of reality,
Merely disheveled and suggested
In the fantastic unfolding
Of discarded old written notes,
Illegible but then revised
And re-arranged in such a way
That one day, perhaps,
Would impress the World
And becomes part of a legacy!

Romeo Della Valle
(c) All rights reserved-2015
New York City

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