Written by Romeo Dellavalle.

Suddenly I found myself
Completely disconnected
To the outside world,
My words became muted
When it was clearly
A matter of the soul!

For a few hours I was gone,
I fell asleep so deep
That it felt like I was traveling
Throughout another dimension!

Time felt like infinite
From way up there,
Nothing but empty space,
I could see other lonely souls
Ways down below,
Lost in a desert of vanity

I confess I felt very cold
And I was very scared
For way up there,
Traveling all alone,
I felt also like a lonely soul
And I was so glad
When I finally woke up!

Romeo Della Valle
(c) All rights reserved-2015
New York City

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Written by Romeo Dellavalle.


Love has two wings
That united must flap
But when cut in between,
Love won't be able to fly!

Coordinated moves applied
In order to reach the sky:
Wings together tied
And making love fly high!

Romeo Della Valle
(c) All rights reserved-2014
New York Cit