A Missing Page

Written by Romeo Dellavalle.


In the book of my life,
A page is missing
And you don’t know
The secret hidden
On this page!

In this unfinished book,
My feelings and thoughts
Are clearly embedded
But that missing page
Holds the secret
Which reveals
The name encrypted!

You may know everything
Written in this unique book,
Except this secret
Safeguarded in the page!

Now my dreamed book
Has been put on hold
For publication until
This missing page
Is finally found
And the name revealed!

Romeo Della Valle
©All rights reserved-2010
New York City
(*) Google Image- pinterest


Written by Romeo Dellavalle.


Sorry love to disappoint you
When the distance between us
Makes all the difference!
But, I must let you know
That I did not build the fence
Which separates our souls!

A temporary pause
In the course of our destiny
Shall not hold the future
From a moment to stop us
From crystallizing our dreams
When there is true love
In our Heart and Minds!

The fence is still standing
And only it takes two
To tear it down completely:
You and I, for sure!

Let's not become victims
Of a hollowed desperation
When life is so short
And so it shall be
the distance between us,
Hopefully soon, My Love!

Romeo Della Valle
@ All rights reserved-2014
New York City
(*) Google Image-@Alicia Alexandria