Written by Romeo DellaValle.

To view a bulletin board
You must sit on the floor,
With your back against the wall
Opposite of a mural...
Of mismatched articles
And read with the intent
Of taking note of things
Until you lose track
Of where 'such and such' was tracked...

You begin to ponder
At last month's artifacts,
The choice of apartments,
The schedule of events...
Maybe plan a trip
Somewhere you could have been,
If this weren't your destination
Until you begin to feel
Socially provoked,
Or guilt ridden because
You haven't said your prayers...
And the animals weren't saved
And you missed all the plays
You could not get out of bed...

You sneer with contempt
For the personal services
Birth Control-depression
Weight loss-meditation
A million ads. displayed
In colorful neon lights
Of gigantic bill boards...
Concepts, too far away
To really remember...

You may make a list
Of used junk for sale,
Old books- an old computer,
Mentally hire a photographer
Or make someone an offer...
Write up a resume
That would save your compensating
For what you lack
And that is the angle
To obtain your first mark
In this great New York City...


Written by Romeo DellaValle.

Captured by uniqueness,
I was astounded: bewithced
And aroused by such provocation/
A passion beyond control.
In that look of your eyes upon me,
I saw the light of my soul/
Since all you wanted of me
Was to be my center stage!

Those eyes that to me revealed
The questions they would ask
And answers they plead for
Which my own cannot grasp...

I want to know
O f what substance they are made
Currently cutting my soul
Causing it to bleed...

But wandering gazes
Incriminate me...
Of what? sensing my

Faithless anxiety
Esteeming my open wounds
Strings of love-fly away
Letting it go like hot balloons...

O! those beautiful eyes
Whose bewitched me so dearly,
And are already gone
But, ironically, I still recall....

Romeo Della Valle
(c) All rights reserved-2012
New York City