Written by Romeo DellaValle.

A restless fever burning
Like a torch in your eyes…
My aching heart can feel
The desperate need you try to hide..
A part of you is longing
To be free from me, I know…
And even when I cry,
I come to realize:
That I love You just enough
To let you go…
I can’t stand to see you
Searching for the words
To tell me gently,
What went through…
If one of us must suffer,
It will give me the satisfaction
Just to know, once and for all,
That I was the one to ease your pain,
By saying what you want to hear….Bye!
I love you just enough, to let you go…
I love you just enough, to let you go…
Why should I go through the motion
Of pretending everything is fine,
Just holding off on letting you go
To satisfy myself until now?
I have been clinging to a hope
That is dying slowly…
I never came through my mind
That I was the one to say goodbye…
And this time forever


Written by Romeo DellaValle.

Here I am, patiently
Delineating the boundaries
Among the centrifugal forces
Touching my now complex life
Hoping to see again
An undistorted image of myself
When facing the mirror next time...
Carefully avoiding the trap
Of another love's addiction...
Living within a world
Filled with misunderstandings
And contradictions...
Ignorance, indeed,
Turns out to be a blessing
For lack of knowledge
You need to give no explanations...
But when wisdom becomes your domain,
And true changes are implemented,
Destiny by default,
Shall welcome the sunset
Of a new and brighter life
Stronger and well redefined...

Romeo Della Valle