Written by Romeo DellaValle.

I search for you
On the further side of life,
On the further side of death...
I search for you in every dream
While I dream of you in every search...
I dream of you
Making love to me , passionately
Under the jealous eyes of the moon
Bewitched by the ocean's breeze...
I had found the clarity of your eyes
In the sparkling eyes of Grace,
Your patience in the lovely Martha,
While I tasted your sweet nectar
Of your ardent lips in Maria...
I let my shaking hands
Redraw the soft body of Esther
While thinking of you my love....
I discovered your magical dance
In the dancing floor
While I was with Evelyna...
I found you in my wildest dream
Disguised as an Angel behind a Violin.
I found the soul but without a body....
Now, I have no choice
But to keep searching for you
Not in parts, but as a whole...

Welcome to My Heart!

Written by Romeo Dellavalle.


Just when my life
Was about to collapse,
Drown in an ocean of pain
And desperation,
You happened to come to me
Wearing the perfume
Only found in the flowers
Of my colorful garden…

You have come to me,
Not too late
But just in time
When I needed you the most!
As I expected you to,
As I painted you in my mind
And saw you
In my peaceful dreams!

No more finding parts of you
Scattered all over the world,
Now, you have finally
Come to me as a whole!
Here is my now healed heart,
Newly painted and decorated
And ready for your expected arrival!

Convinced I am
That the search is over
And nothing will stop me
From telling you loud and clear:
“Welcome to My Heart my dear”

Romeo Della Valle
©All rights reserved-2013

New York City