Many Times I Wonder

Written by Romeo Dellavalle.

Is there a place where I belong
And which I have searched already
For so long
With fruitless results?
Where are the signs or directions?
I ask myself many times:
Are there any connection
Somewhere on these roads
That indicates the way?
I just keep wondering!

Perhaps there are maps
Which others have found,
Written paths leading to holy grounds,
With buried treasure within...

The chance has arrived
To find and explore this special place
And find the golden door
That would lead me
To my dreamed Angel!

Resisting discoveries beyond
Mortal security and holding on,
Knowing imperfection
Is part of me!

Romeo Della Valle
All rights reserved (c)2013
New York City

The Fall's Arrival

Written by Romeo Dellavalle.

Between the muted walls
Of my small space I call my own,
I displaced all my belongings
And changed the picture of my home
To resemble the now colored World...

Like an artist's palette:
Green, Yellow, Redd and Sky's Blue,
All those magical colors,
Each playing an important role
In my everyday mood,
Right here in New York City...
Even the shiny reflection of copper,
Touches my inner self,
When totally secluded in my fortress
While awaiting patiently and motionless
For the arrival of the Fall...

Now, alone and thoughtful,
I can feel and clearly see
Through the windows
Of my colorful fortress,
The Arrival of the Fall,
Thanks again to the Lord!...

Romeo Della Valle

(c)All rights reserved-2012

Now York City