Written by Romeo Dellavalle.

The irony of my life:
I am madly in love with you
While you're with someone else
That may not love you
With as much passion as I do,
We are like two parallel lines
That can't find the way to meet,
I am in a big and crowded city
While you are very far away
Across the oceans and
Breathing the fresh air
Of the beautiful mountains!

The irony of my lonely life:
When your nights are my days
And your days my nights;
For your happy today is
My dreamed tomorrow
But my agonizing today
Is your already yesterday!

It clearly seems that our destiny
Is not meant for us to be together
When our lives are sadly separated
By time, an enormous space
And opposite feelings like
Adam and Eve's forbidden fruit:
Beware! Devine's law will apply!

Romeo Della Valle
(*) All rights reserved-2017
New York City

(*) Image by Gedogfx-DeviantArt



Written by Romeo Dellavalle.

Never think my dear friends
That the absence of tears
Means nobody is crying at all
For there are invisible tears
That don't come through
The naked and weary eyes
But from the very bottom
Of a broken heart!

Tears disguised as blood
And run through the veins,
Causing in its transparent journey
An uncontrollable and deep pain
Which turns one's life into
A real living hell!

Many times I deeply felt
Like crying and drop real tears
But I couldn't because of pride
While I was dying inside!

Time slowly passed,
Overcoming my agony
When I regained my strength
And moved forwards
In search of new horizons
By keeping my hope and faith
And thanking the One above!

Romeo Della Valle
(c) All Rights reserved-2011
New York City

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