Written by Romeo Dellavalle.


Between the muted walls
Of my small space I call my own,
I displaced all my belongings
And changed the picture of my home
To resemble the now colored World...

Like an artist's palette:
Green, Yellow, Red and Sky's Blue,
All those magical colors,
Each playing an important role
In my everyday mood,
Right here in New York !

Even the shiny reflection of copper,
Touches my inner self,
When totally secluded in my fortress
While awaiting patiently and motionless
For the arrival of the Fall!

Romeo Della Valle
(c) All rights reserved-2011
New York City


Written by Romeo Dellavalle.


(To my brother Doc PenPen)

Higher mountains I have climbed
And many dusty roads crossed!
Days and nights I thought
About the time I would get caught
Facing my own reality of seeing:
My dreams becoming nightmares,
My thoughts fading in the fog
Of desperation and loneliness!

Myself I found, drifting in a world
All of my own but still alive,
Burning every little bit of strength
Left in my shaking body and mind!
Confusion possessed me
In those moments of desperation
But I never gave up,
Seeing the light approaching
And slowly coming through
The overwhelmed cold shadow!

The moment arrived
When the light cleared my path
Feeling completely rejuvenated
And getting back on my feet
With the strength of a Lion!
Faith was the only key
To open that invincible door
And breaking all the barriers
That temporarily got me stuck!

After the scary storm,
Here now I am, feeling great
And ready to continue my mission
To spread the message of Love
And Peace all over the World!

Romeo Della Valle
(c) All rights reserved-2014
New York City


Written by Romeo Dellavalle.


Long before I came

Into your battered life

Your heart was

Already broken!



I did not cause the wounds

But I tried to mend them

With real love and compassion

And even going out my ways

To make you happy!



Now, you come to me

With so many demands

And silly expectations

Like I have to be accountable

For your past misjudgment

That led you to a poor choice

Before I arrived!



I have come to you, plainly,

As I really am, honest

And a caring human being

Filled with tender feelings

And understanding

For your past mistakes

Without promising you

A rose garden or

Impossible things!



I did for you

All what I could:

I tried to put

All the pieces together

That were scattered

Everywhere even

In unknown places!



I wiped out your tears,

Gave you confidence

And restored your smile

Back to your weary face

As I sadly found you

When the Sun and Moon

Were absent in your

Shadowed world!

Now, the question remains:

Am I to be blamed?


Romeo Della Valle


© All rights reserved-2014

New York City