Written by Romeo Dellavalle.


To anyone who can dream
And then awaken,
Remembering the impossibility
Of what was only mirrored
In your mind,
During a given night,
Actually happened there...

Dreams arrive not from nowhere
But from somewhere else,
A strive vehicles of memory,
Transcribed within the space
Of a plaid network...
The puzzle of Faith, Hope,
Truth, Beauty, Love and Peace
Surrounding the Earth,
Claims of Spirit!...

Dreams are tokens of reality,
Merely disheveled and suggested
In the fantastic unfolding
Of discarded old written notes,
Illegible but then revised
And re-arranged in such a way
That one day, perhaps,
Would impress the World
By becoming one's Poetry!...

Romeo Della Valle
© All rights reserved-2013
New York City
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You Are The One

Written by Romeo Dellavalle.

Illuminate my soul
As the Sun greets the sky
In the morning and
closes the night
with a thousand kisses
That seals each breast
It unfolds within
The arms of love!

Peacefully,the clouds
paint a name, yours,
Pale like a signature,
First written over a plain
White horizon-becoming
The fresh hand that
Reveals the promise taken
At heart's command!

Through the silence-
A voice lingers in my mind,
Singing, calling out words
Invested in infinity-
Calling your name aloud
With no response!

Now, my life transcends
Like a shooting star
While my hope to find you
Is fading through time
when I am still, desperately
Looking for your soul
In the middle of nowhere!

Romeo Della Valle
(c) All rights reserved-2014
New York City
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Invisible Tears

Written by Romeo Dellavalle.

Invisible Tears

Never think my friends

That the absence of tears

Means: ‘nobody is crying at all’

For there are invisible tears

Not coming through

The naked and weary eyes

But from the very bottom

Of a broken heart!

Tears disguised as blood,

Running wild through the veins

And causing through its journey

An uncontrollable and deep pain

That turns one's life

Into a living Hell!

Many times I deeply felt

Like crying and drop real tears

But I couldn't because of pride

When I was really dying inside!

Time slowly passed

And I overcame my agony,

Moving on with dignity

In search of a new horizon

While overtaken by

Faith and hope

I walked straight

Toward the zenith

To find Peace and Love,

Once and for all!


Romeo Della Valle

© All rights reserved-2011

New York City