Written by Romeo Dellavalle.

Undreamed of,
Caught by surprise
And little time left
To make my move
And do the right thing
That would ease
My mind and heart!

Things of the moment
That may impact
My everyday mood
And sense of living
In either way:
Positive or negative!

Being in the right
Frame of mind
I must remain
In order to deal
With any instant
Good or bad situation
That may alter
The course of my destiny!

Romeo Della Valle

(*) All rights reserved-2017

New York City

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Written by Romeo Dellavalle.


From far away I can see you,
Always on your nightgown
And I fully enjoy the clear view
Every night when you are around!

So close and yet so far
But still, I love being with you,
When surrounded by the stars,
Looking so nice and also so cute!

Tonight is a very special night
Because you are so close to me
That if I have a chance I might
Give you a big hug and a kiss!

Sadly, tomorrow you will be gone
When the morning greets the day
But my love for you stays strong
Even when alone I would be afraid!

Now I am happy and very glad
That finally you have come by
And I promise that I won't get mad
When you get back to the high sky!

Romeo Della Valle
(c) All rights reserved-2017
New York City

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Written by Romeo Dellavalle.

Build me a lofty structure
As high as the Heaven above,

A floating bridge that would
Connect me with you,
Crossing from one side to the other
Then I can meet you finally!

Passing through this long bridge,
Ignoring the enormous distance
Or the nearness I may be,
As the earth stretched out
Meets the blue sky and
Between them lies existence,
Two loving souls, you and I!

Longingly, I look as far as I can
For the true eyes cannot see,
When such lenses are mortally
Held asunder like the stars!

More beautiful than insight,
Cryptic, the message of love
Is like a secret shared with God,
In wisdom so erudite!

Give the spark of love its dignity
For it has reason of its own
And when testing its agility, then,
Destiny will call your heart home!

Romeo Della Valle
(c) All rights reserved-2017
New York City