Written by Romeo Dellavalle.

Precious moments
That together we fully enjoyed
And through the passing of time,
Made me madly fall in love with you!

Every time we met
It seemed the Heavens
Were wide-opened for us
When drawing the dancing floor,
Those well coordinated steps
Made us look like real champs,
Catching the attention
Of all of those around!

The days seemed so long
And the nights so short
But every single chance we had,
We made sure to fully enjoy
When I felt my heart broken
Every time I saw you go!

What seemed to be so real
Was actually a dream
When your heart belonged
To someone else who patiently
Was waiting for your arrival
Not too far back home!

Now here I am wondering
If you ever loved me
Like I truly did love you
With such an intensity
And with so much passion
That you are still in my thoughts
While invading my dreams
Every single night!

Romeo Della Valle
(c) All rights reserved-2015
New York City

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Autumn"s Love

Written by Romeo Dellavalle.

Supine, breathing
To the rhythm of the song
Coming out my heart!
Not yet asleep, nor soon will be,
I am dreaming anyway
Of the love awaiting for me,
Maybe tomorrow!

I am very sure
That so much depends on tomorrow
When my sorrow will be
Softly shaken like leaves
That beautifully decorate October,
When freely they fall!

Those bright and colorful days
Dressing every space of Autumn:
In rust, Amber, rose and plum,
Subtler hues of peach and blue,
Skipping lightly the sidewalks,
Lawns and fading streets
And everywhere in between!

This great reservoir of colors
Surrounding all the brightness
That clearly becomes a wonder,
Reminding one of the joyful flights
With each hand that flew,
Letting go, as I know, too,
The time to go to you,
Falling into your loving arms
While kissing you passionately!

Romeo Della Valle
(c) All rights reserved-2011
New York City

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The Girl From Boston Road

Written by Romeo Dellavalle.




The night I met you
For the first time,
I felt bewitched
By your beautiful wide-smile
Decorating your angelical face!

Nervous I was, I confess
And my whole world
Turned into confusion
Since I did not had an idea
On how to approach you!

A moment of challenge arrived
And I have to make my move
By inviting you to the dance floor
And finding the courage
To get close to you and being glad
That my offer you did not refuse!

Since that very special encounter,
You became my lover, Goddess
And beautiful Queen and
Bringing joy to my life
Even for a the short time
We spent together
In a reservoir of love!

Things changed with time
And we grew apart,
You found a new lover
And stayed along,
Thinking and dreaming
Just about you!

From a great great lover
Who my Heart stole,
You became my muse
Hiding behind my poems:
"The Girl From Boston Road"!

Romeo Della Valle
(c) All rights reserved-2015
New York City

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